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Ways to Reduce Hot Tub Running Costs

When setting up your MSpa; think carefully about where to place it in your garden. The placement of your tub plays a big part in retaining heat and saving money on your electricity bill. Consider placing your hot tub by a fence or under a gazebo to act as

7 Way To Celebrate International Women’s Day

On 8th March, the world observes International Women’s Day to recognise accomplishments made by women. This is when we assess the situation, appreciate and restore our endeavours to enable ladies and advance in gender equality. We present to you a few ways to mark this special empowering day! International

Using Your Spa throughout the Different Seasons

Getting into your MSpa for a relaxing session after a hard day at work can be the most fulfilling thing to do. However, if you choose to get into your spa only during the winter or summer months, you should reconsider your decision. A spa in any form works

How to Clean My Spa?

If you use your hot tub regularly, you know that it requires cleaning at regular intervals. Unfortunately, we have come across several people who find this entire process to be a considerable workload. We agree that cleaning the hot tub requires a lot of patience. However, it is extremely

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