Enjoy The Moment All Year Round

Enjoy The Moment All Year Round

Experience the luxury of a spa in the comfort of your own home with MSpa

MSpa Inflatable Hot Tubs

Experience the dreamy sensation of relaxation.
Heal your mind, pamper your body, melt the stress away and enjoy quality time.
Unleash the magnificence of your own personal spa in the comfort of your own home.

Frame Series

Up to 6 people

The FRAME series blends revolutionary design with legendary performance, allowing you to reap the luxuries you deserve.

Muse Series

Up to 6 people

The MUSE series embodies stylish elegance, delivering one of the best hydromassage experiences ever.

Urban Series

2 – 6 people

The URBAN series represents a distinguished styled, fully featured series of inflatable hot tubs designed for your ultimate enjoyment.

Delight Series

4 – 6 people

The DELIGHT series combines intuitive functionality with stupendous aesthetics to create the most elite spa experience.

Comfort Series

4 – 6 people

The COMFORT series combines captivating aesthetics with unrivalled ease of use… prepare to surrender your body to the thousands of invigorating bubbles.

Lite Series

4 – 6 people

The LITE series is the closest thing to relishing the ultimate hydrotherapy experience in a natural spring.

Nowadays, we’re pulled in so many directions… asked to spend more time at work, study more, do more.
Yet deep down you yearn to reconnect and spend your time with your children, spouse, family… and even yourself.

So, how do you navigate across life’s madness where confusion is rife and chaos reigns to ultimately come out stress-free?
By adding warmth, water movement and an infinite amount of soft, teasing bubbles that resemble the epitome of peace, serenity and lifetime memories.

Who couldn’t do with a little more fun? Spending time in the hot tub brings out the fun kid in all of us and there is no better way to do that than with MSpa.

Browse through our stunning range of inflatable and portable hot tubs for sale.

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