MSpa Accessories

Find all the accessories you need for the maintenance of your hot tub and for optimal water hygiene. In addition you can also explore the accessories that will enhance your Spa experience.

Hygiene & Water Maintenance

Maintenance and water hygiene is vital for all hot tub users. Did you know that you should be testing the Chlorine level of your spa water at least twice per week and before every use? Our Blue Sparkle chemical starter kit provides everything you will need plus easy to read instructions to get started! Don’t forget that using a filter is key and ours are easy to install and compatible with all MSPAs. The controller also has a feature to remind you to clean your filter. Now, that’s clever!

Bladders & Heat Preservation Mats

You can enjoy and benefit from using your MSPA all year round. For hot tub usage during colder temperatures, we would suggest using a bladder and heat preservation mat to help your spa retain heat. This results in your hot tub heating up quicker and more efficiently as well as saving on electricity! The bladder sits on top of the spa’s water to preserve heat whilst the mat is for your tub to sit on. The mat creates a thermal barrier and protects your decking at the same time. Buy now and start preserving heat.

Overall Covers

Protect your hot tub from rain and sun exposure with an overall cover. It is big enough to cover your hot tub excluding the control box. Keep your spa safe from scratches, insects and debris with one of our Nylon covers which can be secured tightly with the drawstring hem and Velcro. The overall cover is waterproof and a great way to add some extra protection to your spa and extend its lifespan.

Leisure Accessories

Enhance your relaxing hot tub experience with some of our fantastic accessories. Sit back and unwind with a headrest and keep your drinks on chill with our inflatable icebox and snack holder. Not really enjoying the sun shining in your face? Then our canopy is the perfect shield! Browse our accessories for all of your hot tub maintenance needs. MSPA creates a comfortable and affordable spa experience. Choose which accessories will suit you best!

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